Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jesus, All For Jesus - Robin Mark - Revival From Belfast

My song for the day. I know we have heard it over and over but I feel like sharing again.

God bless you all and have a great weekend.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


This is our concluding part of the lessons we have been studying from the story Jesus Christ meeting with the woman at the well which can be found in John 4:1-42.

Our last lesson focuses on evangelism. The need to spread the word, share and reach out to the unsaved when we get saved. We must show others the light, bring others to God when we see or meet Him. We are going to focus our lesson on not just one but some number of verses. The first verse is John 4:16. Here, Jesus asked the woman to go bring her husband which is a clear sign of Jesus Christ teaching her to or willing to spread the saving to the family of the woman and all her household. If the Samaritan woman had a husband by then I am sure Jesus would have saved both of them thus winning two sould instead of one to the kingdom.
Now, after Jesus told the woman to go get her husband which was one aspect of evangelising in the story, a clear picture of evangelism is painted when the woman descended into the town to tell the whole town [world] she has met the Lord and urges everyone to come and see the Christ. This is evident in John 4:28-30. The verse 28 talks about the woman leaving her pot behind and taking a step to let the others know about the wonderful man she has met. Everybody knew her as a prostitute which if it were to be today might be shameful for some of us to do. She did not let her occupation stop her from spreading the gosple. She forgot about her water pot simply because she has been promised of water that when she drinks will never go thirsty. The water pot may crack, the well may dry up but there is a fountain in God that never dries up. The water from that fountain is always fresh and taste sweet. "Come and see...." is what the woman said when she got to the town. The woman did not keep everything to herself. She went forth and told everyone, invited everyone to know and hear the amazing word, a life transforming event that has taken place in her life. She did not look down on her self, did not say she can not spread the word because she is a prostitute. John 4:39-42 tells us the end results. All we need to do is just to go and sow the seed. Take a step and sow the seed. Forget about who will water it, prune it and do the harvesting when it is time because God will open the heavens for rain to fall on the seed you have sown, He will prune it and take away all the branches that are not needed. There is nothing too hard for Him to do. Put away the fear and take the bold step. Put your past behind and focus on an oppurtunity to live a new life under the chairmanship of Jesus Christ.

What then is preventing us from doing likewise? A prostitute shared the word, before Paul because Paul he was not giving christians their peace of mind and yet he became a very big player in the kingdom business. That is the God we serve, He accepts us how we are, clears the rust on us and polishes us making us ready for use. He chooses whoever He wants. God has done a lot for you and me. Like the Samaritan woman, He has showed us great and wonderful things in our lives, brought our secrets to the open and has promised us fresh water that never dries up, water that when we drink will never go thirsty yet we prefer keeping all the Lord had done to ourselves. We do not want to share or bring others to the saving power of God. Somebody is waiting for proof, waiting to hear that story, that testimony etc to confirm that he or she is not making a wrong move concerning his or her decision to follow Christ and yet you have all those testimonies but you are sitting down with it. What are you waiting for? Forget about you being a prostitute, a thief, etc. God loves you and accepts you irrespective of whatever you have done or whoever you are. Sure there was a time I was that personal feeling that I was the worst sinner on earth at a particular time but I kept asking myself why God blesses me with a new life each and every morning?

God loves you. Let us share and bring our brothers and sisters to the saving knowledge or power of God.

Thanks everyone for reading and following the studies over the past month. Your comments are encouraging I appreciate your time and everything you sacrificed to read all the post concerning the lessons. God bless you all and continue to abide under the shadows of the Almighty. Till we come again with another post, its bye for now.


Friday, 27 May 2011


With the need to attend the funeral of my grandfather and other issues to work out we are now back to continue the study of the lessons we can extract from the story of Jesus Christ meeting with the woman at the well. The next two post will take us to the concluding parts.

For our lesson today, we have given it the title "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE" and we shall pin our study on the verse 16 to 18 of John chapter 4
[4:16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
4:17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband:
4:18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.]

Yes I have ever lied but I have grown to learn and understand that if you want to be free, simply tell the truth in all things. Jesus Christ knows all things. He knew everything about the woman and still wanted to know or hear whatever it is from her own mouth. The woman I don't think was under any pressure. She could have lied and presented herself clean before the Lord.

In life, we are associated in different circles. We meet people who knows us very well but still want to ask and we meet others who do not also know anything about us. Just look at your profiles in social network sites like facebook, twitter, skype, etc. How truthful were you in filling out your profiles? At the very first stages of your relationships, what lies did you tell just to win that man or woman?

Lies when told makes one feel good but such a feeling is for a short time. It only sets you free at that very moment but not forever. As a child, one or two times I had to lie to have my way but one thing I realized was that I was finding work for myself always. I was employing myself to do a work that I was not going to be paid for. The job of lying always to make my first lie seem true and as a result of doing that, I keep lying all around. Meanwhile, if I were to tell the truth, I would have been free to live my normal life afterwards. Sometimes we tell lies because of quite some number of reasons. For example, looking at our case study, we read further that everyone in the town at that time was aware of the job the woman was doing. Now if she was to be pretending during the day and doing her own things at night, she could have lied easily. Therefore, pretending is one of the reason or causes for lying. Pretending to be who you are not. Just be who you are. Since the woman was herself, there was no need to lie to Jesus about who she was not and that really made her free. Also, we lie because we fear punishment. Fearing punishment also means most of us hate correction. If you do something wrong and instead of telling the truth you tell lies, you won't be corrected and you will forever stay on the blind side. Telling lies because of the fear for punishment robs you off an oppurtunity to be corrected and to know the right thing.

The Samarian woman told the truth. She had no husband and that really set her free and she had the available help. What are you hiding from your wife, husband, parent, teachers, managers, employees, employers, friends, children etc? Can't you see you always have to do something to keep that thing still hiding? Why don't you simply tell the truth and be free?

Remember the Bible tells us of a place prepared for lairs etc. It is real and shall surely come to pass. Let us learn to tell the truth to people whether known or unknown. The person you may the thinking to lie to because you think he or she does not know you is very much aware of all facts about you. He or she knows you very well. Just as Jesus Christ knew the samaritan woman very well but still asked, the same way someone knows about you but still wants to know. Simply tell the truth and it shall set you free.

Father Lord we pray thanking you for our lives. We thank you for the word and we pray that you help us learn to tell the truth at all times. We pray for your Holy Spirit to stay in our heart and alert or prompt us anytime our tongue shows interest in telling lies. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011


We have already done the lesson one and two of this topic. Taking our minds back, in our first lesson, we saw that we are not to be afraid to ask for help if we need it and we learned that when Jesus asked or made the first approach for help by asking for water. Our second lesson also tells us not to use or set boundaries around us since we will be missing a lot of goodies and that was also evident when the Samarian woman asked Jesus how a Jew should ask a Samarian woman for water.

This post lead us to our third lesson and we shall base it on John 4:11 [The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?] with the title looking beyond limitations.
From our verse or from the story Jesus was sitting at the well alone. It was true that He had nothing to fetch the water for Himself and this was what the woman wanted to explore or take advantage of or it was what the woman saw as a limitation or short fall on Jesus Christ.
Let us take notice of some aspects of the statement made by the woman. First, she asked Jesus what tool or equipment He was going to use to fetch the water. Now in life we face similar issues. We come to a point where honestly we have nothing. Even if we were to enter into a barter deal and exchange goods for goods or services for services, we have nothing to do the exchange. We have nothing to draw the water and we are seen as such by people around us. Let us leave the case of Jesus Christ aside and look into our own lives. Sure we are followers of Jesus Christ and Jesus was at the well without anything to draw the water from the well. I am forced to say that some of us are living in this world without anything in hand to draw water. Good and I agree God will make a way where there seems to be no way but I am afraid some of us are not prepared at all in life. We walk to the solutions to our problems without anything to take a bite home. There is hunger or thirst in your house and you walk to a well without even a cup to fetch any for the house. Some of us move about unprepared in life. Should the unexpected happen, we are always found wanting. When we are needed to step in and be a solution we end up becoming a problem because we are unprepared. Blessings come and most of us are unprepared as well. Vacancies are being announced everyday but because we are not prepared we end up loosing or missing the oppurtunity and it only showcase how poorly organised we are in this life. Already we have been told that Jesus Christ or the Son of Man shall come back like a thief and the big question is how prepared or organised are you?

Another aspect we want to look at is the woman admitting that the well was deep. It was the truth as it was and there is no problem telling the tuth about the depth of the well but if the well was indeed deep, who should be warning the other to be careful between a man and a woman? Indeed the well was deep for the woman.We all or may be having a well in our lifes but the question I want to ask is how deep is the well? From the point I want to come from, the well is not just a well with water. The well can be a problem you are going through, it can be a marriage well, educational well, relationship well, financial well, religious well etc. No matter how deep the well maybe, I am glad to tell you that there is a Man standing by ready to help. He is ready to fetch from that well for you. Do you think the well in your life is too deep for Christ to fetch from? Is the problem too much for God to handle or come in? You have been going to the well always with a bucket tied to a rope to fetch but today I want you to look beyond that boundry of bucket and rope water fetching mechanism and trust God. Yes He may appear to you without any tool in His hand to fetch or without any bucket but look beyond what seems to be the last resort. Look over the boundry or limit.

We serve a God of possibilities. Jesus Christ offered to help the woman out of her troubles so that there will be no need for her to be coming to the well everyday to fetch water and the Samaritan woman asked Jesus how He was going to solve her problem. She said to Jesus, you have nothing to use to help me and moreover my problem is very big. I have a big problem Jesus, the well is deep. My problem is not an easy one she admits and we face similar issues in life but all I want to say is look beyond what seems to be the limitations, last stop or boundry. The solution you are adopting is not the only way. There is another option.

If you are considering an option and ninety-nine points say no, take a bold step and consider that one point that says yes. Look beyond your boundries.

......Enjoy a blessed Easter and I pray the death on the cross by our saviour becomes significant to you and watch out for Lesson 4.